What can a Businesscoach do for you?

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Business Help, Business Management, Cash Management, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

It is a reasonable question. What can a business coach do for you? The answer is simple. A business coach can help you move your business from point A to point B in a straighter line than what you might accomplish on your own. A straighter line meets less time wasted, less money lost in the process. The early bird gets the worm. Getting there quicker provides increased opportunities.

Some Examples

Let’s say you have an established business, but you need to raise money. You need capital. Nowadays that is a particularly vexing problem. Do you go to the bank? Do you go to investment bankers? What do you do? A business coach that has the right experience can give you a real-world look at all of these options. You may have capital laying around your business that you are unaware of and it is the businesscoach who can help you see these things.

Troubling Times

When an entrepreneur or businessowner has problems it is difficult at times to actually see what they really are. Because they are too close to the problem, it may not be as obvious as it is to an emotionally detached party who understands the whole scope of the issues at hand. Remember the business coach is not an accountant but a skilled business professional that knows the role that numbers play in your business. He also knows that your business is not just numbers. There are more factors at work and a turnaround depends on understanding all of them and integrating all of them into a workable solution for the company.


Startups are particularly interesting and challenging. The typical startup is undercapitalized and lacks all of the resources to make the business blast off from the beginning like the founder envisions. This can be a good thing and a bad thing but a good business coach knows what it is like to bootstrap a business and can be a real good go-to person for resources and advice on development of more personal resources. He can also be a strong reality check.

Although the services of a good “coach” are not free, they can be invaluable if properly utilized.


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