Getting to the Pot of Gold

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Everyone has heard the story about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and more than a few of us have actually wished we could find it. The truth is that the pot of gold in the form of success is truly achievable, but you won’t find it at the end of a rainbow; you need a stairway instead!

The stairway that you need is one that sequentially and progressively puts you on the path to your dreams and goals. In fact, success is certainly no destination. It is simply the orderly and progressive accomplishment of dreams and goals. I like to visualize the necessary building blocks of the stairway by using that word “stairway” as an acronym. It helps to remind me of the basic things that I should be doing every day to become successful. If you can imagine that truly the goal you seek is at the bottom of a rainbow, then the real trick would be to get to the top, and then it’s just a gentle slide to the bottom…once you have your act together enough to get to the apex in the first place.

Our Acronym: STAIRWAY

S = “Stretch Yourself”

Nobody who was ever successful at anything was content to stay in the same little box, accepted limitations, or refused to venture outside of their normal little world. Stretch Yourself means think bigger; do things that aren’t comfortable to you; increase your personal limits.

T = “Try New Things”

As an extension of stretching, trying new things exposes you to new opportunities, new people, and new methods. The willingness to do this will open up a two dimensional world and truly make it three dimensional. It produces a sea change in a person’s life.

 A = “Associate with Successful People”

My father always told me that if I swim with fish long enough, I would start to smell like one. Of course his commentary was on friends of mine that he didn’t particularly care for however, the antithesis of this comment is powerful indeed: if you want to be successful, then spend time around truly successful people. You will pick up lots from their attitudes and methods of negotiating life and business. They can be good influences on you if you choose them wisely; winners hang with winners.

I = “Identify Your Goals”

I like this one because it reminds me to constantly keep the goals I have set for myself in front of me. These goals are important because then at least you have a pretty good idea of at least where you are going. They provide a motivation for you when the road is steep or the going gets tough.

R = “Realize You are Unlimited”

Have you ever wondered why a chimpanzee is supposedly stronger than two or three men? I suspect that fitness levels aside, the biggest reason that the ape is so strong is that nobody ever told him that he wasn’t. The monkey believes it, and so he is. History is full of examples of men and women whose power of belief was so strong that it allowed them to accomplish truly amazing things. The power lies within you to do the same. Draw on this incredible resource.

W = “Write Down Your Goals and Commit to Them”

Write a contract with yourself that starts with the words: “I will….”. Be serious about your journey. Having a goal without an internal commitment to reaching it is a waste of time. It is a moral sin against yourself and your future to commit to something and fail to do it.

A = “Act on Your Commitment”

Commitment minus action equals zero. Although a stationary rock has lots of potential energy due to its mass, it is wasted potential until you get it moving… and then you really have something because that movement translates into inertia and seemingly energy is created out of thin air!!! Get Moving!

Y = “Yield to Nothing”

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Don’t let life, friends, enemies, or the world in general slow you down. Don’t take no for answer, make lemonade from lemons, and turn disasters into opportunities. Be the irresistable force.

The virtual stairway that you create in your life by following these principles will serve you well in your quest for success. Each step is a process in itself, but it cannot be shortcut. It is impossible to have one step without the others before it. If you want to win bad enough, get out the nails and hammers and start building it today!

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